Monday, August 21, 2006

Music Drawings

As A Humument could be said to be the poetry of a non-poet so the pieces of music that I have written could be called the compositions of a non-composer.

Tom Phillips

Six of Hearts: no. 1 Opus 16, collage and ink, 1991.

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This works do reminds me of illuminated manuscripts of music


Princess Haiku said...

Next time, I will leave my comments here rather than there. If there can be a here and there considering the elemental nature of virtual reality.

Princess Haiku said...

Moon Dear,
I am so excited because a new work of Bach (aria) was discovered in Berlin today. I also read that many of his manuscripts were used as crate packing.- Sad that. Could you imagine say buying an old vase at an auction and it's wrapped in music so beautiful it is transcendental. An entire opera perhaps?

This poet longs for eternity....

Moon River said...

Dear poet, i'm happy that you are excited :)
i feel you need to!
I'm listenning to a Pavarotti love duet now, and..thinking about you

Princess Haiku said...

Tonight, my diva (Maria Callas) sings the tale of "La Wally" for you.